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Jason Benedict

Grace Point Developer

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

-Frank Lloyd Wright

With a location this perfect you can expect a colorful history. Grace Point certainly has that, and our development team is now moving full steam ahead to deliver on the values for which we stand: Grace, Beauty, and Sustainability.  


In addition to offering private beach access through our partnership with St. Joe, we also encourage you to check out the full list of Lifestyle Club memberships we extend to owners, including golf at Camp Creek, Sharks Tooth, Origins, etc.  


Phase 1 home sites are selling fast and we have 8 new homes currently under construction.  Phase 2 is in the final stages of planning, which will include custom homes with incredible views from the southernmost parcel of the development.  Stay tuned as we finish design for phase 3, which will deliver a truly unique experience on 30A.

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